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We are Team HH established in 2012 as Hodgson Fitness by Ryan and Elly Hodgson, we’ve been grateful to work with over 4,500 men and women since starting our online coaching programmes. 

We offer holistic lifestyle coaching that has 4 pillars- Mindset, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Activity. Our ethos is about being with our clients, every step of the way. Our clients set goals in 4 areas of their life to ensure they maintain balance that many other programmes out there often lack.

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Why Work With Us?

Team HH has a dual meaning of Hodgson Health but also, perhaps more importantly, for what we are all about which is Health and Happiness because we believe that if you are happy and healthy, everything else will fall into place for you. 

If you have questions about how to get your health and happiness journey started then book in your FREE strategy call or hit the messenger icon in the bottom right.

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Client Testimonials

I started training with Elly 3 months ago after taking a year’s break from exercise. I had trained with the boys from Fit Body Bootcamp but give this up after suffering health problems.
Phyllis Bell
Phyllis Bell, Finance worker – 48
Since training with Elly I have gotten more confidence in wearing clothes I wouldn’t normally wear and I have confidence in going to the gym and training. I’ve become stronger and healthier since training with Elly.
Courtney Oconnor
Courtney O’connor, Leisure assistant – 19
I’d lost motivation in life and was struggling to stop the weight piling on. My lifestyle wasn’t the healthiest. I was socialising and drinking heavily most nights, which in turn would lead to the inevitable trip home via the curry house and then in the morning, I would be looking for carbs to try and pick myself up. I weighed 196lb on a 5’2″ frame and was a size 18.
Laura Storey
Laura Story