TeamHH Online Coaching

  • Overweight 
  • Bloated
  • Constantly tired
  • Low in confidence
  • Lacking that ‘you time’
  • Fed up trying and not succeeding
  • Looking to live a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER life Feel like enough is enough…

Results To Expect!

We help busy men and women get in shape physically and emotionally as part of a lifestyle without spending hours in the gym or on a strict diet. We use a formula called ‘the best YOU Formula’ that covers, mindset, lifestyle, nutrition and activity, in fact Ryan and Elly (our founders) became best selling authors writing about this in their book, becoming the best YOU, with the Hodgsons.

Mostly busy professionals who are short on time, but know it’s time to start getting their health under control. Often people who are successful in one of the ‘4Bs’ (body, brain, business, besties) but now want a bit more balance without the negative impact.

No, but it’s heavily discounted if you decide you want to join it. 

The first of our 4 key principles is mindset and we help with that because when we get you aligned with your goals we believe motivation wont even come into it. PLUS we take results personally so if it needs us giving you a proverbial kick up the backside to keep you on track, then that’s what we will do.

Your lifestyle is unique and so will the amount of time you have to commit to. We ask clients what they can realistically commit to at the start of the programme and work from there. Some clients can’t see any time at all so we just start with lifestyle based adaptations and with time we integrate into your life. It’s a process not an overnight thing.

Truth is as much as we want to help everyone, not everyone is right for us so we have a zoom call to discuss your goals further, then if you’re a good fit for our programme we go over it in more depth with you so you can decide from there. Head to – THIS LINK to book a free coaching strategy call in. Worst case scenario we help you over the phone for free anyways.

No, we have clients who train from home, although we do feel being a member of the gym helps with workouts everyone gets a totally personalised programme based on their access to equipment. If that’s home training, great.

Apart from results? 6 months hands on coaching with personalised workouts, personalised nutrition coaching, York labs essential health check, weekly live coaching, weekly live workout, unlimited 1-1 problem solving calls,  1-1 nutrition masterclass, 12 months access to our personal training app and membership site + MUCH MORE.

We have different payment structures but starts from £50 a week. This is hands-on experience and not a plug and play programme so does require you to be investment minded. This is an investment not an expense. That being said, we have payment plans to help if finances is the main concern. 



In a word US! So many of our clients say us being real people helps. Our team is well equipped from Elly who has a sport science with psychology degree, Ryan with advanced level 3 nutrition and human biology, to Carla with over 15 years workplace experience in high pressure job roles, james having worked in care for 10+ years and Fay with her exercise referral we have the team well equipped to help you with whatever ‘life’ throws your way when you’re with us.

Yes, when you sign up you get a 1-1 nutrition masterclass with Ryan who will breakdown nutrition specific for you and help you make sure the nutritional protocols we set for you work for you. We don’t give out diet plans although we have many guides and plans on our membership site to help make nutrition easier for you just to use for reference.